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Unlike other dispatch firms, we are willing to provide you with the most up-to-date statistics and show what kind of freight and kind of rates we can book. This way you will see that our service offers true value for your company before you commit to working with us!


If you need to get paid fast our partnership with a leading factoring company can provide you with immediate funding. For example, you can deliver your load before noon, take a picture of POD with your phone and have money in your account or on your fuel card the same day! If you need assistance with factoring just let us know when you sign up.

Sign up process is very simple. You can submit your application online and upload the necessary documents (we’ll need copies of your insurance, authority certificate, w-9 form, and carrier profile). If you provide all the documents we need you can be set up within 24 hours and we can start booking freight for you.


Percentage Plan for full-time trucks - 6% of gross revenue

- Postpaid percentage per truck
- No minimum gross revenue
- No term commitment required
- Unlimited number of loads

Prepaid Plan for full-time trucks - $225-$295 per week per truck

- Prepaid flat fee per truck
- Unlimited gross revenue
- No term commitment required
- Unlimited number of loads

Virtual Administrative Support - $150 per week (per truck)


You find your own freight and we'll deal with the rest:

- Complete your broker packets
- Sign rate confirmations
- Do credit checks 
- Invoice your factoring company
- Do check calls

- Assist you with detention and layover

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