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We know that trucking operations can be overwhelming, especially when you, as the owner, have to deal with everything. Large trucking companies have entire offices full of staff supporting them, why shouldn’t you have the same support while you are on the road? While you are driving and dealing with other aspects of your business, we will be your “Back office”.

Just imagine how you would feel knowing, that there is someone in front of the computer helping you. The only thing that is better, is knowing that will cost you only $150 per week for one truck operation… that is less than $3.75 per hour. Would you like to have a team of transportation assistants working for you?



Your personal staff could help you:

  • Post your truck on all major load boards. This way before you arrive at your delivery you will have many options to choose from for your next load.

  • Complete all the paperwork related to the load, so you do not have to waste your time dealing with Broker-Carrier packets, Rate confirmations, Insurance Certificates etc.)

  • Check on Broker’s credit to insure you are dealing with credible and factorable broker.

  • Create and submit your invoices, so you can get paid as soon as possible.

  • Follow up on payments owed to you to improve your cashflow.

  • Assist you with getting your detention and layover pay.

  • Verify your Pickup and Delivery appointments, so you do not waste your time waiting to be loaded or unloaded. 

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